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Hi there,

Over the past 12 months we’ve been methodically updating server hostnames to use separate domains and more logical names. This reflects our on-going efforts to revitalise our internal systems to stay ahead of the curve as 2021 picks up pace. For the most part, these updates have been completed - this is the final wave.

Aside from our hosting nameservers, we’ll be retiring the hostingservices.net.au domain name from service, and are transitioning all cPanel Hosting servers to use the ozcloud.net.au domain name for cPanel/Webmail/etc.

Please note that we’ve planned this such that IPv4/v6 changes are NOT required - existing server IP addressing will be retained through these changes. Server hostnames are all that’s changing through these works - we’ll be retaining the old hostnames in a legacy sense (unsupported) for 30 days following the changes.

Email through cPanel? If you’re not already using mail.YOURDOMAIN.com.au in your email client then we suggest moving across to using it, as it’ll avoid any potential brief interruptions to service caused by these changes and any future amendments. We don’t expect to require any further updates, as new cPanel Hosting servers will be deployed to the ozcloud.net.au domain name, leaving hostingservices.net.au solely for DNS.

Worried about your DNS zone? Once the hostname changes are completed, our team will be updating DNS records that make mention of old hostnames in order to align them with the updated structure. If your DNS is external and you’re using CNAME/s pointing to a server, you should update the record/s in the next 30 days.

Need your login details? Through my.LEOPARD once you’re logged in, click though to your hosting service and then use the right-hand-side menu to “Resend Welcome Email” - this will resend your hosting information with the new server information within. Usernames and passwords aren’t changing, only server hostnames are!

If you’ve any questions or concerns, please reach out to our friendly Support team who’ll gladly assist. :-)

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve your experience.
We remain 100% Australian family-owned - fully committed to you.


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