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NS1 (Shared Hosting): Change to upstream provider

Maintenance Planned

Hi there,

This is an advisory regarding non-critical works that will be undertaken this Friday evening ahead of the networking configuration updates. Following the recent events at one of OVH’s data centre sites, we have decided to relocate our ns1.hostingservices.net.au instance from OVH to another provider within Australia.

While there was no impact from the major fire and destruction at OVH (NS1 is in Sydney AU, not France), it brought to light several bad practices they’d followed with the construction of the facilities. LEOPARD.host retains our commitment to premium service, and will be replacing the provider this week. Preparation has been completed, and the works are scheduled for out-of-hours despite not having any impact on customer services.

While we commend OVH’s transparency during these events, we need to ensure that our customers are only supported by industry-leading platforms and service. Octave Klaba (Founder of OVH) has been nothing short of a role model with communication throughout. From the March fire however, they’re still rebuilding now in May.

No changes are required to any domain names, as the references to NS1 will automatically realise the IPv4 address change and will begin referring to the new nameserver. The other 3x nameservers that are dispersed across the globe aren’t being changed in any way, so will continue to serve DNS regardless of the NS1 updates.

Please get in touch should you have any queries or concerns - we’re here to help!


The Network Crew Pty Ltd (TNC)

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