Relocation: Equinix SY4 to NEXTDC S2


Our team successfully relocated our equipment from Equinix SY4 to NEXTDC S2 on Friday night through into Saturday morning. There were no unexpected surprises, and we were able to perform some hardware auditing during the downtime without incident. We’re very happy with the improvements over at S2 in Macquarie Park.

We’re now waiting for our upstream network carrier within S2 to further improve their network that we currently depend on. This is expected to be completed in the next 3-4 weeks as interstate travel permits.

There have been some smaller issues following the move which have been cleared up and if you’re still experiencing problems, however small they may be please raise them with our friendly team for help.

Preparations for the final set of upgrade works are underway, and we anticipate that we’ll be back to situation normal in about a fortnight. Thanks so much for your patience as we’ve seen to this major overhaul.



We’re pleased to confirm that our Sydney infrastructure is being relocated from Equinix SY4 to NEXTDC S2 - this follows a series of underwhelming experiences with Equinix, with the decision being made ahead of the revelation that they’d sustained a major data breach. It’s time for us to move on after 4 years, and we couldn’t be more excited to see Equinix in our rear vision mirror.

NEXTDC offers a purpose-built online management platform, far superior security, comprehensive environment monitoring (temperature, relative humidity, etc), passionate support and management staff (on-shore, unlike Equinix), as well as Australian (public) ownership. After much consideration, we believe this move to be ideal for our customers who expect nothing short of premium service from NEXTDC are a dedicated provider who share our passion to empower every customer to do more.

This window will involve our engineers safely powering down virtual machines, hosts and supporting equipment before de-racking and packing equipment for transport to NEXTDC S2 (Alexandria to Macquarie Park), with the reverse then occurring ahead of thorough testing. We’ll then verify complete remote access to all public and internal systems before departing from NEXTDC S2. At least one engineer will then remain nearby to NEXTDC S2 following the move for 24 hours “just in case” of any surprise issues. Beyond that, our NOC can leverage NEXTDC’s on-site engineers as-required, or send a engineer to the facility.

Due to the severity of these works, we’re allowing all night for this move to be finalised - that being said, we’re only expecting an outage window of 2-3 hours, with a desire for 1-2 hours. Ahead of this relocation, our Engineers have been working through major upgrades which will ensure that we’re able to power up at NEXTDC S2 without having to give consideration to changes/updates/etc.

Our team are looking forward to bringing you a greatly improved experience following this relocation. We apologise for the disruption that this presents, however believe that the interruptions will be well worthwhile.

Please let our team know if you’ve any queries or concerns about this relocation.

Thank you for your patience of late as we’ve finalised several major upgrades.


13 Affected Services:
The Network Crew Pty Ltd

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