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my.LEOPARD: Major software upgrade


In an update that’s left us crying and laughing equally, the developers of the software behind my.LEOPARD have released another update in the early hours of this morning. We’ll be applying that minor update this evening.

We expect downtime to be even less than yesterday, so aren’t scheduling another window for the work.



The major upgrade has been successfully completed, and all post-upgrade testing went as planned. :-)

We appreciate your patience, and can gladly report that my.LEOPARD was down for less than 10 minutes.

Seeing problems? Let our Tech Support team know online or via - we’re here to help!


Maintenance Planned

Hi there,

This is a courtesy notice about works that are proceeding this evening (Tuesday, 23rd of February, 2021).

my.LEOPARD may be inaccessible or inoperative for short periods of time as a major software upgrade is performed to bring our system up-to-date onto the latest major version of the platform that we operate.

While there is still support time left before the EOL (End of Life) of the major version that we’re running, we’ve completed our pre-upgrade checks and are ready to proceed with the upgrade. This will introduce new functionality and should improve performance of the my.LEOPARD system for our customer base.

Please let us know if you have any queries, though the works may be on-going for a few hours as there will be changes required once the upgrade is complete to ensure that everything is operating correctly.


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