Sydney network: Switch firmware upgrades


The firmware upgrades have been completed and tested successfully.

Many thanks for your patience as we completed this maintenance tonight.


Hi there,

This is an advisory about upcoming network maintenance during our regular month-end works.

We’ll be applying firmware upgrades to our network switches in Sydney (AU) to bring them up to the latest stable version from the hardware vendor. As the switches support the storage of 2x firmware versions and 2x boot ROM versions, we’ll have avenue to roll-back and recover should anything happen during the upgrades.

Like all of our hardware, there are dual feeds to our networking hardware so that we can safely manage these upgrades one-by-one. Please note that while these works have been scheduled as 90 minutes, we’re expecting the potential service interruption to be up to 3-5 minutes - the window allows for the staggered update method.

If you’ve any queries about this advisory please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly crew!


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