Sydney network: New core routers (Brocade to 2x Juniper 100G)

Maintenance Planned

Hi there,

This is an advisory notice for upcoming major upgrades to the network core in Sydney NSW (in NEXTDC S2).

Existing Brocade routers will be replaced with 2x Juniper MX204 100G routers. Much has been done to reduce the maintenance window, so we’re not expecting the 4 hour bracket to be fully utilised, however it’s been specified in order to cover “worst case” potential. Note that COVID-19 may delay these network changes.

Configuration has been mirrored where possible, so the deployment time should be minimal. As some technical changes and improvements are being introduced in the process (as well as a vendor change), there could be several instances of “rocky connectivity” so please rely on this advisory as opposed to your own monitoring.

We will update this advisory as updates are received. Thank you for your patience.


10 Affected Services:
The Network Crew Pty Ltd

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Network: AS138521