DR/Backups: Upgrades to DR Site WAN, Backup Platforms, etc.

Maintenance Planned

Hi there,

We’ll be completing a variety of upgrades to our Disaster Recovery, Backup and other associated platforms. Our primary backup systems in Sydney will be rebuilt over from BSD to Linux. Our DR Site WAN is being upgraded to Enterprise Ethernet optical fibre connectivity (earthworks/haulage/termination due in May 2022) and the systems there for backup replication are being fully rebuilt, including encryption upgrades.

The fibre connectivity at our DR Site will allow seamless capacity scaling, and establishes via-IX connectivity between sites thanks to Aussie Broadband (Wideband) also being so closely intertwined with NEXTDC. From there, we’ll be able to deliver improved resilience to our clients across their services with us. This work is likely to be finalised ahead of schedule, though needs to be completed in a staggered manner.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these works. Thanks for your patience.


Affects 3 Services:
The Network Crew Pty Ltd

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