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Due to demand for our SHOUTcast platform increasing, we will be provisioning a new SHOUTcast platform that will replace the current systems to allow for greater utilisation by our clients. There have been some minor interruptions observed on our current system, which has also factored in to this decision to upgrade.

Please note the below migration plan that you will need to program in to your broadcasting site/s. There will be a cross-over period of 1-2 weeks to ensure that our customers migrate across to the new system seamlessly - while most of our clients relay via our platform, some host their media locally which we can assist with transferring, just reach out to Support for assistance and we’ll work with you to make it simple.




IPv4: (use the hostname)

Customers who have custom SHOUTcast infrastructure with will be individually contacted to develop a tailored migration plan for their systems. Please note that custom services will not be involved in this listed migration, and will be attended to at a later date due to the complexity of the migrations involved.

To provide lee-way for potential IP address changes in the future, as we always recommend please use the advertised hostname in your broadcasting systems, as opposed to specifying the server’s IPv4 address.

Should you have any concerns, please reach out to our SHOUTcast Support team (you will need to log-in to my.LEOPARD firstly in order to access the department).

We’re looking forward to completing this move, and will update this event as the works are completed.

Thank you,

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