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SHOUTcast: Platform expansion

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Hi there,

We’re working promptly to expand our SHOUTcast platforms and transition streams to new servers. Our upstream provider has given us a difficult path to ensure on-going service. Streams will be moving to new servers, to spread out the load that’s been increasing in recent months. They can’t offer a more seamless fix, though the impact should be minimal.

Please note that we’ll reach out to confirm your destination server so you can perform required changes to ensure continued service. The platform will be rebuilt again in Q2/3 2021 in order to meet the on-going demand.

This is a frustrating situation for all involved, however we need to perform these works in order to maintain stability of the platform. We apologise for the notice period, as we’ve not been kept in the loop by our upstream as we would expect, which has led to our Operations team needing to prioritise this work to ensure reliability.

If you have any queries about these works, please contact our SHOUTcast Support team for assistance.


The Network Crew Pty Ltd

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