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SYD-RADIO2: Migration to RADIO11

Vedligeholdelse Planlagt

Hi there,

Stations on SYD-RADIO2 will be migrated over to RADIO11, configuration remaining in-tact provided Centova Cast happily imports the data without incident. If it doesn’t, we’ll re-create your station based on the details in my.LEOPARD - let us know if you need a refresher! Please prepare to make amendments on the Wednesday.

If you could please submit update forms to TuneIn, etc, to make sure your station’s regulars aren’t impacted, they can usually plan the update in ahead of time. Everything remains as-is, except “syd-radio2” -> “radio11”. We prefer that you run the DNS hostname, however if you’re using IPv4 then it will need updating to

Please let us know if you have any concerns surrounding this migration! Thank you for your patience.


The Network Crew Pty Ltd

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Network: AS138521