DNS in BRI/SGP (Managed)

Hosting Services DNS: Updates to NS2, rebuilds for NS3 and NS4


NS3 and NS4 have been re-integrated, and all servers are clustered to them OK.

If you have any issues with DNS across any of the 4 nameservers, please ticket us!

Thanks for your patience as we upgraded these machines to improve our DNS Hosting.

Mis à jour

NS2’s works have been completed and it is now back to regular service.

Final configuration and re-integration works are underway for NS3/NS4.

Entretien planifié

Hi there,

We’re in the process of finalising an overhaul to our Customer DNS Platform. Note that this includes DNS Hosting and Legacy Hosting only, and doesn’t include Managed Server Clients (who have Dedicated DNS).

NS1: Operational as normal
NS2: Upgrading OS & Nameserver
NS3: Rebuilding onto AlmaLinux 8.8
NS4: Rebuilding onto AlmaLinux 8.8

It’s a moment to reflect, as the disk for our Tokyo NS3 was over 6 years old! It was originally deployed in another country, was live-migrated then live-upgraded, and is now being given a full rebuild after half a decade +.

NS4 on the other hand was with BHost who were acquired by our good friends Mythic Beasts in the UK, and remains an Amsterdam-based nameserver as a fourth-and-final option (plus low latency for Europe).

As we go about finalising these upgrades today, please bear with us if any DNS queries are slower than usual. This is not an outage as at least 2 Nameservers of the 4 will remain at full/majority service levels.


The Network Crew Pty Ltd (TNC)

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