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Hi there,

This should be our final set of works to conclude our major overhaul that we’ve worked through since 2020 was just starting out and COVID-19 wasn’t a phrase known to anyone. Almost our entire technical & network architecture has been updated to reflect our dedication to remaining relevant and ahead of the curve.

We’ll be moving workloads around in the lead-up to these works which will involve some final server rebuilds, and will then complete the required network changes inside the maintenance window. The likelihood of having the network changes completed quickly and being able to end the window prematurely is quite high, as we’re only expecting 30-90 minutes of interruption in total as a worst case (for the network changes).

Thankfully, this will also open up the potential for us to provide greater self-service control for our VPS clients who’ve been eager to have that level of control for quite a while now. Your patience is very much appreciated!

Our knowledgebase will be seeing another wave of articles being released in due course, and we have further systems and changes to implement as the year progresses and we continue to on-board record client numbers.

If you’ve got any questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. :-)


Hi there,

We’re working promptly to expand our SHOUTcast platforms and transition streams to new servers. Our upstream provider has given us a difficult path to ensure on-going service. Streams will be moving to new servers, to spread out the load that’s been increasing in recent months. They can’t offer a more seamless fix.

Please note that we’ll reach out to confirm your destination server so you can perform required changes to ensure continued service. The platform will be rebuilt again in Q2 2021 in order to meet the on-going demand.

This is a frustrating situation for all involved, however we need to perform these works in order to maintain stability of the platform. We apologise for the notice period, as we’ve not been kept in the loop by our upstream as we would expect, which has led to our Operations team needing to prioritise this work to ensure reliability.

If you have any queries about these works, please contact our SHOUTcast Support team for assistance.



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