Server power cycling: Introducing extra redundancy

Maintenance Planned

Hi there,

This advisory is about planned works to all Shared Hosting Servers and Managed Customer Servers. We’ve completed additional back-end preparatory works ahead of this power cycling, where we’ll be taking the current generation of our network all the way through to VM-level. Doing this establishes another layer of flexibility and redundancy, allowing us to more logically route traffic between virtual servers and the outside world.

Please note that no physical changes are occurring during this window. We’ll be powering systems down, adding in the additional configurations, and then powering them back up before testing and completion. We’ll do this one-at-a-time to ensure any unlikely issues are caught quickly, and aren’t more impactful than they must be.

Expected downtime for each server is around 3-5 minutes. Please note that in the case of customer servers (ie. Managed VPS customers), we’re able to postpone your server’s updates until a date and time of your choosing. To do so, we’ll need to have heard from you by 5pm on Wednesday the 5th of May, 2021. Thank you!


Affects 5 Services:
The Network Crew Pty Ltd

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